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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wedding Invitees Who Do Not RSVP

So our have sent out your wedding invitations a year or so in advance and wouldn't you know, it is five months to the wedding and still half has not replied to the RSVP. Not a phone call, email or anything, so what to do? It is worse if seating is limited due to your budget being limited and you have spent hundreds of dollars preparing the meal, getting favors, seating and all.

Not only are people not responding but others who do RSVP are being rude by crossing out plus 1 and add plus 2 or plus 3! What? Stick to your guns and call the individuals and tell them this is a private reception not a free party and they cannot invite all your friends. As to the ones who do not RSVP, if you do get a response too close to the time and you cannot accommodate them, tell them you are sorry but no RSVP no sttendance. It is not your fault you have provided everything they needed to return the RSVP.

What happens sometimes is: Many of them still show up at the wedding anyway expecting a seat. Now your dilemma is do you let them in or turn them away at the door?

I cannot tell you what to do, it is going to be up to individual brides to make a decision based on the situation. if these are relatives, you will have to live with them long after the wedding so deal with it as best as possible. Many people get someone to call invitees to see if they are attending the wedding.

A Wedding Registry

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old Time Jamaican Wedding-Entertainment

The ceremony for a Jamaican in the old days were primarily the responsibility of the brides parents. He bride is escorted down the Isla by her father. The bride's face was always covered with a veil and it is the husband who lifts it during the ceremony. If the wedding is in a district, all the district people stand on the streets to have a look at the bride's dress and all the wedding attendees clothes. The couple signs the wedding certificate, during the ceremony, to officially declare themselves as man and wife. Another unusual thing about a old time Jamaican wedding is that the wedding reception is carried over to the next Sunday after the wedding ceremony. On the Sunday following the wedding, traditionally known as Tun Tanks Sunday, all the wedding invitees attend the service at church and after that, go to the house of the bride's parents, where a big second reception is planned! If one of the parties are from a different district, the second Sunday reception is held there. As you can see, there are so many unique and interesting traditions associated with a Jamaican wedding. Remember to include a few of these traditions.

Old Time Jamaican-Reception

The old time Jamaican wedding reception can lasts until the sun comes up in the morning. Anyone who comes to the wedding reception, is served food and no one is ever refused hospitality. The guests are expected to stay late at the wedding reception. In some families, it is considered inappropriate etiquette to leave very early from the wedding reception.

At a Jamaican wedding, it is considered all right to show up uninvited. In Jamaica, the more guests there are at the wedding, the better it was. Those days the wedding reception takes place anywhere within a yard area that is level. it does not have to be the grooms or brides parents home. A relative or neighbor would offer their yard for the reception. A booth was made mostly from coconut leaves and sometimes bamboo.

Entertainment were: Men from near and far who played any kind of music, were asked to come and play, There were Fyffes Mouth Organs, Violin, Guitars, Drums, Banjo and Tamborines. The dance most common at that time were Quadrille and Mento which all the family members, the couple, the maid of honor as well as the best man participated in. A fun tradition is to bid on the bride and the groom. The money that is collected through this bidding is then presented to the couple as a gift. An old wedding toast goes like this "Remember not to live like tow woodpecker abut rather like Issaac and Rebbeca'. Corny I know but I have heard it many times at weddings when I was little.

Old Time Jamaican Weddings-Food

Lets talk about the Food:

In the old days most Jamaican weddings were community affairs, in which everybody in the district is invited to enjoy the feast. In those days the typical Jamaican wedding meal is made up of rice, curry goat, rum punch the cake of course. The goat is first killed and then cooked by many of the women in the district on the morning of the wedding. Beverages were rum punch, White and Appleton rums, Guiness or Dragon Stout, wine and champagne. On the morning of the wedding everyone gets busy preparing for the bridal couple and the wedding.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Bright White Save The Date

Bright White Save The Date

Wedding Reception Sweet/Candy Table

Candy Buffet table is growing trend at weddings especially among the younger brides. These tables look pretty, there is always plenty to eat/snack on until the food is ready. Along with Candies many brides have a chocolate fountains and assorted fruits on sticks to dip. The Candy buffet table should look fun and inviting and colors to match your wedding. this is really a fun wedding trend being used in different ways by brides. Some brides just want to add some whimsy to the reception, while others have the candy buffet do double duty as the guest favors. many brides are opting out of serving expensive wedding cake all at all and are putting their money into a candy and dessert table. For whatever reasons, you decide to make a candy Buffet table, your guests will enjoy it and love you for it. if you decide to do it yourself, you should find Glasses in Various Shapes and Sizes with wide mouths to put candy, You could also use trays and add pretty napkins. Also get scoop spoons and or thongs. Remember to put a spoon or scoop for each candy because if here are kids in attendance at the wedding,they will have their dirty little hands in the candy bowls.

How To Deal With Rude Wedding Guests

Most of the Caribbean weddings I have been to, guest want to eat a piece of cake at the wedding and another piece to take home. This is typical to my Jamaican people. Ever since I was little it's been like that. In older days, things were cheap and we could do that. Now things are so expensive and most bride is broke by the time the wedding day come around. So, Brides, do not let people eat you out of pocket and house. Make sure to find a way to serve one piece of rum cake and only give a second piece to special people whom you choose. Make sure to have someone like a family member to monitor this. Because depending on where your wedding is held, people will start cutting into your cake like lightning and before you know it it's almost done. Wedding cakes these days can be tall like The Tower Of Babel (heheheh) or spread out over a wide area with several cakes. Brides have their likes and dislikes, so whatever you choose try to save money. One way brides are saving money is by accepting the plain cake from the wedding venue and using it to serve a dessert, then buy sheet the sheet rum cakes give to guests as souviniers to take home. If the cake is good and filled with rum :) they will not forget it as this is not something they get every day.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hiring Virtual Assistants to Help With Your Wedding

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lovely Ecru Wedding Invitation

Ecru Wedding Invitation

Friday, July 27, 2012

Meringue Powder Royal Icing

There are two ways to make Royal Icing. One is using egg whites and the other using merengue Powder, this one is using Meringue Powder: There is an egg white royal icing recipe elsewhere on this site. Search below. 4 cups confectioners' powdered icing sugar (Otherwise called Confectioners sugar) 3 tablespoons meringue powder 1/2 teaspoon either vanilla, rose water, lemon (you can use fresh lemon or lime juice)or almond extract (Choose one of whichever flavor you want) 1/2 - 3/4 cup warm water Method In the bowl, stir by hand confectioner's sugar and meringue powder until combined. Add the water and beat on medium to high speed until very glossy and stiff peaks form. Add esence or lemon or lime juice. (whichever you choose) If this recipe is for 'Flood Work' add a small drop more of water so it runs out more easily. If for drop string or special piping work, add a little gum glue to it and test first for the right consistency. . Royal icing dries very hard so if you are not using right away, make sure to transfer icing to a container with airtight cover. Cover first with plastic wrap when cover. If you are using right away make sure to cover while you remove some while going back and forth.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Popular Wedding Songs And Videos

Enjoy these popular wedding songs Savage garden-Truly, Madly, deeply __________________________________________________________________________________ Edwin McCain-Could Not Ask For More ___________________________________________________________________________________ Lifehouse- You and me ____________________________________________________________________________________ This I promise you NSinc

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Most Memorable Wedding Story

I remember a wedding a friend attended and told me about. It was held on the north coast of Jamaica in the Caribbean. She said everything was going as planned The groom was there waiting with the minister and best man. All attendants came down the isle in order as usual. The bride and her father entered the church and out stepped the groom with the a violinist in tow, the organist started playing and he began belting out in the strongest of voices - 'Amazed By Lonestar' I had chills thinking about it even now and I wasn't there. Can you imagine the guests in attendance being in awe? The bride who obviously did not expect it, stopped dead in her tracks shivering, shaking, crying/bawlin, messing up her makup while he stood there singing. When he was done there was not a dry eye in the place. Her makup had to be touched up right there in the Isle after which, she made her way to her delighted groom. Now that is one way to do make a wedding memorable! Of course there are many other ways to make a wedding memorable but this was a very special one and I just wanted to tell you about it. Now brides, go out there and think of another way to make your wedding more memorable and different. Remember to check out our website

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Wedding Procession Order

Many brides really do not know the order of the wedding procession, so I will tell you. Of course times are a-changing and a bride might, just-for-the-sake-of-disrupting-order and doing away with tradition; do something different but this is how it normally goes. The wedding procession always bring a lot of anticipation among the wedding guest so make it something they will remember for a long time. The Minister, (or whatever other name you might call the wedding official) the groom, and best man are always waiting at the altar. The groomsmen (if they are any) and bridesmaids always pair up for the walk down the isle. The first ones walks down the isle in the order of two and begins with the couple that will stand farthest away from the bride and groom, and ending with the best man, maid of honor (other wise called the 'chief'.) the ring bearer and flower girl. Once the bride's mother enters the church, the bride is right behind and it's time for the wedding to begin. It will be the bride and her father, or any one whom she chooses to walk her down the isle. The bride's escort walks on the left of her. The give-away-father (as we like to call it) takes her to the front of the aisle, hands her over to her groom, steps back takes his seat next to the bride's mom and the service begins with the Minister asking 'Who gives this woman to be married to this man" and so on. It is your wedding make it exciting and memorable so it will be talked about for a long time. Feel free to make a comment below...What's your opinion...I'd like to know. Check out our website here

Why Change The Wedding Dress before Cutting The Cake

I have been noticing recently that many brides are changing their wedding dresses before cutting the wedding cake. Could someone tell me why? It used to be that brides cut their cake in their wedding dresses for picture taking and also do the first dance in their wedding dresses. After all you paid a lot of money for that dress, so you should try to stay in it as long as possible, right? :) Then change before going on the dance floor and meet and greet your guests. I understand that things have changed and as someone who makes wedding cakes, I know very well that every bride wants her wedding to be different but I think they are missing the mark on the changing of the wedding dress before cutting the cake. I really like to see a bride cutting her cake in her wedding dress. JMHO :) What do you think? I'd like to know. make sure to check out out website at Caribbean Wedding Cakes