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Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Rum Cake Wedding Cake

So he has asked you to marry him, you said yes and here we are. Now you need a cake 8 ft tall with all the trimmings but you only want to pay half what it's worth. I have to tell you brides to be, that is not going to happen. Rum cakes cost more than all other cakes to make with all that WINE, RUM, FRUIT and stuff, they are very costly. And everyone always want more rum but most do not realize that too much rum can make a cake bitter and makes cake inedible.

Recently all the items we use in cake decorating has gone way up, so unfortunately I have to make some changes to my price. Not that you would notice because I was always pricing my cakes too low anyway. :)

I really want to address something that I should have mentioned a long time ago. For those who do not know, most wedding venues offer the bride a cake in her package. Since they do not offer rum cake, many

most Caribbean/West Indian brides wanting a rum cake for their wedding, do not take that cake. Some venues will take it out of the package and you can replace it with something else, others say you have to take it with the package. I have found many of my brides who want to cut our traditional Black Rum Cake at their wedding, will order one or two tiered cakes for cutting and order rum sheet cakes for the guests.(had one bride who ordered 6 sheet cakes and had her dad cut them up and put in the cake boxes they might cut it up and serve on site or cut them up and put in cake boxes Check out our cake boxes and bags by clicking this link Some west Indian/Caribbean brides say they MUST cut into a black to take their picture at their wedding. Some brides also cut the cake given from the venue, take pictures AND to keep with cutting black cake tradition, also take one cutting the black cake.

So I would suggest if you have a similar dilema, this could be the solution. Hope this helps. Make sure to visit our website at where we not only have cake pictures but we also supply your invitations, cake boxes and an assortment of cake bags, cake baskets and many other acessories for your wedding. Good luck with your wedding plans.

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